While I enjoy working with a wide variety of dogs and behavior goals, below are a few of my particular specialties:


It’s not surprising that so many dogs find it difficult to cope with modern, urban living. Many dogs that struggle with modern life manifest excessive fear symptoms including phobias, compulsions and generalized anxiety.  I’m incredibly honored to watch these dogs blossom under specially designed confidence building programs and holistic lifestyle alterations.


Aggression is most often an extreme manifestation of fear in dogs, who bark/growl/lunge/snap/bite in order to deter the subject of their fear. For these dogs, I develop personalized programs that focus on improving confidence and self-control.

Impulse Control

Dogs which demonstrate extreme impulsivity and/or sensory processing disorders—SPDs manifest in the form of frequent, abnormal overreaction to typical sensory experiences—benefit from a program of self-control and relaxation exercises in combination with stress reduction.

Puppy Socialization

I want every puppy to grow into a happy, confident adult, which starts with positive early socialization. My puppy socialization program is modeled after Dr. Sophia Yin’s and is then personalized based upon the puppy’s responses to various stimuli.

Rescue Transitions

I proactively work with new adopters (at a discounted rate) to help ease the challenging transition to a new forever home, answer questions, and provide a framework for building a robust relationship between human and animal.

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