Introductory Consultation (90 Min):  $125

Every new training regimen begins with a 90-minute initial consultation, where we’ll discuss your dog’s history and your personal training goals, as well as create a training plan.

Follow-Up (60 Min): $100  |  Package of 4: $360 (10% Savings)

Follow-ups are dedicated training sessions where you can further develop your skills, get questions answered and fine-tune your training plan.

Power Half-Hour (30 Min): $60  |  Bundle of 4: $216 (10% Savings)

Power Half-Hours are shorter follow-up sessions for targeted help with a single issue.  Not recommended early on in behavior modification plans but are great for later stages or for regular training help.

Day Training (60 Min): $75  |  Package of 4: $270 (10% Savings)  |  Package of 8: $525 (12.5% Savings)

Day Training are dog-only sessions, where the trainer works one-on-one with the dog.  These sessions are perfect for the busy pet parents who want to accelerate their dog’s learning. (Available Monday through Friday 10 AM – 5 PM).

Walk & Train (30 Min):  $40  |  Bundle of 4: $144 (10% Savings)  |  Bundle of 8:  $280 (12.5% Savings)

Walk & Trains are dog-only sessions, where the trainer takes the dog for a half-hour walk to work on behaviors specifically associated with leash walking.  These sessions are the perfect supplement to training program for dogs working on pulling, lunging, or leash aggression. (Available Monday through Friday 10 AM – 5 PM.)

* Please note: All bundles expire 6 months after purchase.

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